Our Programs

Kenya Smiles Healthy

In collaboration with St. Andrews Primary School, Maasai Mara High School and St. John Paul II mission school, Maasai Molar aim to deliver healthy living and dental health lessons and supportive products. Empowering the students to take responsibility for their own oral health gives them confidence and self-awareness to take through life. 

Oral health lessons are created to make students and teachers aware of the need to reduce refined carbohydrates in the form of sugary snacks and drinks and to brush daily. With the support of our corporate partners we are able to provide toothbrushes for the children to use at school. 


safe menstrual health  

Maasai Molar support all women in Aitong to have safe periods, removing the stigma and empowering them to stay in school, by providing reusable sanitary pads.

In 2019 Maasai Molar brought together local women to learn the skill of making sanitary pads and beginning a micro economy for the local ladies, ensuring a sustainable project in Aitong.


Sponsor a child 

Just $20 a month will give a child a place at residential school, including books, uniform and any necessities. With your help we can ensure some of the 1200 children in the catchment area receive an education thus, reducing the cycle of poverty. 

You will receive regular updates from the school and child to inform you of their progress.